Model Conversion Tests

Check the health of our AEC file conversion tools


Periodically, we run our conversion test suite to batch-convert our AEC test models through each of our conversion pipelines. That generates this static page of test results, where you can quickly check if the pipelines are working OK. Scroll down to see how well the latest pipelines and tools are working.

Conversion Test Setup

Below is a summary of the system we ran these conversion tests on - find the full system information here.

Date Fri Oct 07 2022 08:43:30 GMT+0200 (Central European Summer Time)
CPU Manufacturer Intel
CPU Brand Xeon® Gold 6134
Memory 135 GB
OS Platform linux
OS Distro Ubuntu
OS Release 22.04.1 LTS
Node.js v16.17.1

Conversion Test Results

Below are the results of our latest conversion tests. The tests have run our sample files through all our conversion pipelines, creating various XKT, glTF, JSON files that we can now view or download. Although the glTF and JSON are intermediate artifacts within our pipelines, the results provide them as useful debugging resources.