In this example, we’re using IFC models from the Schependomlaan Data Set, the ‘Utah Teapot’ for BIM.

Pipeline Tools

We’ll use these CLI tools to transform IFC into glTF:

We’ll assume that these are installed relative to the current working directory.

Converting IFC to .DAE

First, convert the Schependomlaan IFC design model to COLLADA:

./IfcConvert schependomlaan.ifc  schependomlaan.dae

Converting .DAE to glTF

Next, convert the COLLADA to glTF 2.0:

./COLLADA2GLTF/build/COLLADA2GLTF-bin -i schependomlaan.dae -o schependomlaan.gltf

Optimizing glTF

Optionally, we can do a bunch of optimizations to the glTF, such as compress geometry:

node ./gltf-pipeline/bin/gltf-pipeline.js -i schependomlaan.gltf -o schependomlaan.optimized.gltf